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Michele, The Camping Captain

Michele is the camping crack in the MyCamper team. He's been to many places with his VW campervan Charly. Often he drives to Spain with hiw wife and daughter where he's at ease with his great Spanish skills. Taking lunch to work? That's not Michele. What's more like him is convincing at Pingpong where he's a feared opponent. Michele would never say no to a Linzertörtli from the Sutter Begg.

Mirjam, Community Happiness Manager

Mirjam is the live wire of MyCamper. After her first coffee she strolls 100m from her apartment to the office. She's constantly in a good mood and enchants renters and camper owners alike. Only when her colleagues don't want to join her jogging runs over lunchtime her mood darkens. Generally she's well like by her team. Just when she's celebrating her predominance in pinpong her colleages need a break from her. Besides her main tasks of communicating with renters and vehicle owners, insurances and organizing events she's also a talented actress (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PsGYZuH2TY). What also makes her unique is her taste of music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI7xHl_j1yw.

Alina, Community Happiness Officer

The camper buddies at MyCamper quickly come into contact with Alina, because she runs the daily business with Miri. She is one of the early birds of the team and that’s why she is always among the first in the office. Although she needs a warm-up phase in the ping-pong-games, she shows nerves in the decisive matches of the day and often leaves the field as the winner of the day. In her free time, she can be seen at traditional stain openings in the beautiful countryside of Basel. If you ever meet Alina on a bike, take a jump to the side, because riding a two-wheeler is just as unlikely to suit her as whistling.

Sarah, Community Happiness Officer

Sarah is a real sunshine or in French un petit rayon de soleil. She already worked for MyCamper in 2018 and has been back on board since spring 2019 - in between she spent her semester abroad in Shanghai. She won't tell us whether she saw Shanghai during the day or only at night. Sarah enjoys watching the football World Cup (especially when France wins), enjoys swimming in the Rhine in Basel and wants to constantly develop herself, for example in table tennis, for which she regularly trains in university sports.

Stefan, Stefluencer - The Marketing Guru

Stefan is the marketing expert in the MyCamper team. In the field of online marketing, nobody can fool the proud father of Mister T. If he were a football player, his name would be Tomáš Rosický. He always convinces with clever behaviour on and off the pitch (with the exception of ping pong). Thanks to his online marketing skills, he is the assist provider par excellence and contributes fully to the success of the team. In addition, his calm and level-headed manner is highly appreciated by the team. Since he is unfortunately prone to injury, he often has to drop jogging during lunch break.

Tobias, Jack of all trades

Tobias is our language talent with a certain French charm. He is from Alsace and just finished his Bachelor in International Management. It is therefore only natural that he should also take care of all French-speaking enquiries and be responsible for the development of French-speaking Switzerland. We owe our new graphic design to none other than him. In our team he is the always professional and calm soul. But be careful, because of his technical finesse, he is a feared ping-pong opponent. Tobias loves Poulet Satay and Berliner. When he's not driving his friends around as Toytoy Taxi, you can also meet him at football matches, especially in Bremen or Strasbourg.

Yasemin, Design Master

Yasemin is producing videos and photos for MyCamper since April 2019. She studied “Multimedia Production” at the University of Chur. When she was a child, she wanted to become an actress or even a policewoman. Yase is a globetrotter and came back from travelling not so long ago: she went to South America for six months. She loved Patagonia, and she dreams of going back there! Otherwise, she enjoys watching football on television, but she would rather be on the field herself. Her own music show is broadcasted on radio Kanal K once a month: https://www.kanalk.ch/portfolio_page/91-venus-vibes/. Yasemin is a vegetarian. She likes coffee, everything sweet and actually eating in general.

Alex, The Admin Hero

Without his beard, one could mistake Alex for Clark Kent. There really are similarities, especially when he transforms himself from a numbers geek to a HR-Hero. With his x-ray vision he scans the company’s finances and data and he strives to improve the team’s life with new ideas and his hands-on attitude. If he could fly, he would be faster in the office or in Lucerne where he pursues his Master’s studies. For travelling, being able to fly would have benefits, too. Especially since Alex was fortunate to visit and come to appreciate many distant countries, buzzing cities and foreign cultures. Besides prolonged travels he charges his batteries while being outdoors or when he reads a book. Since even superheroes need to stay in shape, Alex plans to go jogging more often.

Herman, The Head Viking

Herman is the Viking that steers the Nordic Camping ship. Father of two camper boys which he now spends his weekends with building cardboard VW campervans. He wakes up with the energy of having 10 cups of coffee and only accelerates from there. This serial entrepreneur knows everything there is about business culture, agile development and the official European beer-pong rules. You know he is close by when you hear his viking catchphrase “Beeeeeaaaaauuutifuuuul!”.

Joakim, Head of good life

Joakim is a yoga loving surfer dude. He is ambiguous in being extremely structured and a king of excel, and at the same time being a mood manager making everyone feel at ease and he has a talent in bringing a smile on the face of everyone he talks to.

Nate, Community Happiness Officer

Nathanael, also called Nate, is the newest member of the operations team. As he speaks six languages, he has the privilege to take on the most exotic enquires. After his successful bachelor study, he visited a language school in Los Angeles, to improve his English. While others are bothered by their morning alarm, Nate is already awake and watching a basketball game of the Los Angeles Lakers. More often than not, he wakes up his family by screaming and shouting while he watches the games. Because of his cooking skills, his family will quickly forgive him.

Lucia, Community Happiness Officer

Lucia joint our team in March 2020. She’s originally from Ticino and is looking forward to support our Italian speaking customers, so that the beautiful canton of Ticino will soon also be represented stronger on our platform. Our soon to be business psychologist is always busy in her free time, she heads from one project to the next one, just like a Duracell Bunny. From reforming her attic, to reworking her own camper, she always finds some distraction – especially when she needs to learn for her next exams.

Lorena, The SEO Goddess

Is camping being googled more often now? This is a question that Lorena, our SEO goddess, can answer. Her slogan is: "There's a tool for it!”. She is an expert, not only in the marketing scene, but also in topics around sustainability and healthy snacks. Lorena loves carrots, nuts and double biscuits. When she is not in the office, you can find her snowboarding in the mountains, climbing or hiking. Her best camping trip was in Iceland, together with her boyfriend. They are soon planning to travel to Albania and Spain with their lovely camper. We can’t wait to hear her travel stories!

Miriam, Chief of MyCamper Magazin

After a morning walk with Havanese "Eugen", Mi is among the first ones to arrive at the office. As soon as she sits at her desk, she goes straight into a sort of working tunnel. With full concentration she creates content, content, content, content, just like on the assembly line. Whether she creates articles for the MyCamper magazine, press releases or social media posts - her creativity never lets her down. Her creative streak can also be seen in her extravagant clothing style or when you ask her about her birthday. Because her answer will always be: "On the same day as Britney Spears! After that answer, most of the people still don't know her birthday, but still think 'Good To Know'! Mi loves to discover new things and therefore 'Taking a dance course in Twerking' is right at the top of her to-do-list. I wonder what's next on her list, you too?