MyCamper Team

Michele, Co-Founder and Advisor

Michele is the camping crack in the MyCamper team. He's been to many places with his VW campervan Charly. Often he drives to Spain with his wife and daughter where he's at ease with his great Spanish skills. Taking lunch to work? That's not Michele. What's more like him is convincing at Pingpong where he's a feared opponent. Michele would never say no to a Linzertörtli from the Sutter Begg.

Mirjam, Community Happiness Manager

Mirjam comes from the most beautiful city in Switzerland, Solothurn. She never tires of mentioning that. She is always in a good mood and enchants renters and lenders not only with her beautiful dialect but also with her friendly manner. In her free time, Miri likes to spend time on the golf course. Besides her main tasks of communicating with renters and vehicle owners, insurances and organizing events she's also a talented actress (

Alina, Community Happiness Manager

The camper buddies at MyCamper quickly come into contact with Alina, because she runs the daily business with Miri. She is one of the early birds of the team and that’s why she is always among the first in the office. Although she needs a warm-up phase in the ping-pong-games, she shows nerves in the decisive matches of the day and often leaves the field as the winner of the day. In her free time, she can be seen at traditional stain openings in the beautiful countryside of Basel. If you ever meet Alina on a bike, take a jump to the side, because riding a two-wheeler is just as unlikely to suit her as whistling.

Selina, Community Happiness Manager

After enough coffee and a walk to the office, Selina is ready for the camper business - because getting up early is not her thing. Arriving at the office she is happy to tell her colleagues about the funny things she experienced on the way. Because she doesn't need much time for the Basel carnival this year, Selina tries new things, such as the elaborate baking of a sourdough loaf. ""Spontaneous"" would probably be an appropriate word to describe Selina- who decides, even 4 weeks before the departure date for the year abroad, to change the destination, without language or country knowledge. ( Where the hell is Paraguay?!) It can also happen that Selina cancels the midday workout in the office because something unfortunately came up...

Stefan, Co-Founder and CEO

Stefan is the marketing expert in the MyCamper team. In the field of online marketing, nobody can fool the proud father of Mister T. If he were a football player, his name would be Tomáš Rosický. He always convinces with clever behaviour on and off the pitch (with the exception of ping pong). Thanks to his online marketing skills, he is the assist provider par excellence and contributes fully to the success of the team. In addition, his calm and level-headed manner is highly appreciated by the team. Since he is unfortunately prone to injury, he often has to drop jogging during lunch break.

Yasemin, Content Master

Both at work and in her private life, the camera is her faithful companion. When she is out and about without it, she is probably doing a "digital detox" and is somewhere in nature or in the mountains, usually on foot. Speaking of feet - one of her passions is football. Her active career is long behind her, but she still loves to watch football matches. Her favourite team? The Swiss women's national football team. Yase can be found in the front row of a concert as well as in the stands. What else does she definitely want to do? A trip through the Balkans in a camper van.

Lorena, Product Manager

There is probably no one in the team with more camping experience than Lorena. Lorena is not only active during her vacations, but also makes sure that the MyCamper team stays active. Once a week she makes the team sweat in a sports session before lunch. Besides the sports in the team, she takes care of the platform and that everything runs smoothly. Her main goal is always to improve the website for our users.

Marco, el Guappo

Marco never comes to the office without a cup of coffee in hand, freshly bought from his favourite coffee shop. When it comes to coffee, Marco is a purist, which is why he fights every day to change the office coffee machine. Apart from coffee, Marco has two other passions in life: volleyball and cycling. So on weekends when it's not raining, you can be sure to find him at the Badi in Lucerne focused on winning a game of beach volleyball or on his bike, climbing a mountain pass. At MyCamper, Marco's specialty is Performance Marketing and Data Tracking: Facebook, Google Analytics, Data Studio, nothing resists him!

Roie, Product Manager

Roie, also called Roiano Ronaldo by his friends, is the proud owner of a converted VW T5 Transporter. This allows him to perfectly empathize with the needs and demands of our renters. As a child, Roie wanted to become an actor, but unfortunately it was not enough for more than a short commercial, which he nevertheless likes to show at every opportunity. The enthusiastic board sportsman spends his vacations only in places where there is a lot of snow or constant waves.

Goran, the great gourmet

Goran is a software engineer and he really loves and enjoys his job. Goran likes traveling, good music and movies, but always complaining that he doesn’t have enough time for all the stuff that he wants to do. Goran is a little bit hasty, and wants everything to be done quickly. He is a great great great gourmet, and can talk about food for hours, he can watch “24Kitchen” the whole day, and he is always hungry.

Ante, Frontend Guru

Ante is usually the quiet and mysterious one in the group, but won't hesitate to be a bit louder and bolder when creativity is in question. He is a front-end developer that lives in the suburbs of the small town called Mostar and loves anything music related, especially the Mongolian throat singing (not sure about the last one). Those two facts make the encounter in this video: really interesting. Ante loves watching the football world cup and he was very defeated after the 2018 finals loss to the French team. It was a historic achievement nevertheless. Not him feeling defeated, but the Croatian national team's success.

Nenad, the family guy

First of all, Nenad is the proud father of two little girls and a husband. Professionally a software developer, who likes everything regarding technology. Enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, football matches, listening to some music, but nothing in particular and loves food. So when he is traveling, the main focus is to try as much as possible of local cuisine and site seeing comes second. Nenad gets angry when you ask him if he can look and fix your broken computer or smartphone. Answer is short: "No I can't!".

Josip, the Creative

He is a frontend developer and he really likes to do his job. He thinks it's creative, always challenging and never boring. Also he loves when he has to transform design into an interactive part of an application. In his free time he enjoys playing tennis, and plays it mostly on weekends. He is a member of the amateur tennis league in Mostar because he likes to compete against other tennis players. Also in his free time he likes watching movies, TV shows (he's a huge fan of "The Office") and hanging out with friends. He loves art and design, and sometimes likes to spend his time drawing realistic and hyperrealistic portraits and objects.

Jelena, the versatile

She studied computing and always saw herself in technical jobs. Programming career started in a startup where she developed a sports application with a group of colleagues and ex athletes so she’s well aware of the adrenaline that drives a startup. She loves dedication, good training, music and people. Enough but not obsessively ambitious as witnessed by her last goal: to not eat sweets for a week.

Saphia, Community Happiness Manager

Saphia is like a ray of sunshine that brightens up your day! Full of joy, always ready to go, positive and always smiling! When Saphia is not taking care of her clients, she likes to spend time with her dog and go for long walks in the countryside or in the mountains. Saphia is also an epicurean who likes to discover new and good culinary addresses and when it's not a chef cooking, she's busy in the kitchen preparing good food for her friends and family

Christine, UX Design

Tine is working on the design of MyCamper. With the help of user tests she always finds areas of the MyCamper site that could use a new polish. In her free time, Tine likes to travel in her VW bus and spend vacations by the sea. She recently started taking piano lessons and is now bringing her creativity to the world of music.

Nezla, Data Science

Nezla showed an interest for data, predictions and analysis since the beginning of her studies. Besides dealing with data, she likes reading (in October she's going to study Literature at University of Sarajevo), traveling and skiing. In her free time she likes to go to trivia nights with her friends.

Freddy, the cutie

Freddy strengthens the Finance and HR team and always has good tips for completely unknown, but outstanding documentary films such as the Berkley Marathon. Freddy also has the greenest thumb in the MyCamper team.