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Michele Matt, Chief Camping Officer

Michele is the camping crack in the MyCamper team. He's been to many places with his VW campervan Charly. Often he drives to Spain with hiw wife and daughter where he's at ease with his great Spanish skills. Taking lunch to work? That's not Michele. What's more like him is convincing at Pingpong where he's a feared opponent. Michele would never say no to a Linzertörtli from the Sutter Begg.

Mirjam Affolter, Customer Happiness Officer

Mirjam is the live wire of MyCamper. After her first coffee she strolls 100m from her apartment to the office. She's constantly in a good mood and enchants hirers and camper owners alike. Only when her colleagues don't want to join her jogging runs over lunchtime her mood darkens. Generally she's well like by her team. Just when she's celebrating her predominance in pinpong her colleages need a break from her. Besides her main tasks of communicating with hirers and vehicle owners, insurances and organizing events she's also a talented actress. What also makes her unique is her taste of music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI7xHl_j1yw.

Stefan Lieberherr, Chief Vanlife Officer

Tobias Trüper, Chief Language Officer