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The most popular dates for rental



You have the highest chances of renting in the weeks 26 to 42 and on holidays such as Easter or Whitsun.

Average age of renters



The average age of our renters is between 38 and 43 years. In comparison, slightly younger campers tend to rent a van and 40+ tend to rent a motorhome.

The most popular destinations for rental



In 2021 around 83% of the renters of MyCamper travelled within Switzerland. Italy, France and Germany are other popular destinations for our renters.

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"I was particularly impressed by the commitment and speed of the MyCamper team."


Numbers 2020

4.9 Overall rating
16 Bookings
8'354 CHF Overall earnings

"The bus is on the road for about 5-6 weekends a year and I earn about CHF 3-5k per year with it."


Numbers 2020

4.7 Overall rating
12 Bookings
7'856 CHF Overall earnings

"I recommend MyCamper to everyone, you just have to be aware that you are renting something that belongs to someone."


Numbers 2020

4.8 Overall rating
19 Bookings
9'344 CHF Overall earnings

MyCamper Events

MyCamper Events

MyCamper organizes events and webinars to get to know you personally. Take the chance and join the events, click on the button to see when the next is taking place.

Rent out worryfree thanks to the Baloise insurance solution

Together with our partner Baloise the vehicles are insured during the rental period for liability and comprehensive cover. Your own insurance insurance is not affected by this.

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What information about the renter is provided by MyCamper?
What is particularly important about the camper profile?
How does it work with the additional kilometres?

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