Rent out your vehicle and earn an average of CHF 4'056 and up to 20'675 per year.

Insurance included.

Insurance included.

Renting out motorhomes, campervans & caravans online

Do you own a camper and want to put it to work? Then rent it out easily and safely via MyCamper.

Your advantages with MyCamper

You decide

You decide who can hire your camper and what price you want to rent out.

For free

Register your camper for free. We only receive a service fee after a successful booking.

Fully insured

Together with Baloise we're offering an insurance solution for a worry-free renting out.

See how much you can earn

Average earnings

Do you want a more specific estimate?

Provide information about your vehicle and we will send you a more specific estimate.

Vehicle type

Do you have individual questions?

If you have specific questions and would like to talk to us on the phone, we will be happy to call you! Just tell us when you are free.

Miri explains how the Baloise insurance works.

How it works

4 simple steps to rent out and earn

Register your vehicle on MyCamper

Upload pictures and specify some details of your vehicle. You as a lender can determine prices and the rental conditions.

Receive reservation requests

You have the power to accept or decline booking requests of potential renters. If you want to get to know or talk to the renter first, this is absolutely possible.

Clarify details with the renter

As soon as the booking is confirmed, contracts are sent out to the users. You can message directly via platform with the renter to determine handover and practical details.

Hand over and earn

With the MyCamper handover protocol and some checklists you'll be able to make a smooth handover of your vehicle to the renter. After booking start you will receive your rental income.


What should you be aware of when renting out?

In our ebook you're going to find all the necessary information regarding insurance, instant booking, how the handover works, how you can improve your profile and how you can maximize your earnings.

Rent out worryfree thanks to the Baloise insurance solution

Together with our partner Baloise the vehicles are insured during the rental period for liability and comprehensive cover. Your own insurance insurance is not affected by this.

Meet MyCamper Lenders

"I was particularly impressed by the commitment and speed of the MyCamper team."


Numbers 2020

4.9 Overall rating
16 Bookings
8'354 CHF Overall earnings

"The bus is on the road for about 5-6 weekends a year and I earn about CHF 3-5k per year with it."


Numbers 2020

4.7 Overall rating
12 Bookings
7'856 CHF Overall earnings

"I recommend MyCamper to everyone, you just have to be aware that you are renting something that belongs to someone."


Numbers 2020

4.8 Overall rating
19 Bookings
9'344 CHF Overall earnings

The most popular dates for rental 2021


You have the highest chances of renting in the weeks 26 to 42 and on holidays such as Easter or Whitsun.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set the price for my camper?
What information about the renter is provided by MyCamper?
How does renting out over MyCamper work?
What do I need to know about the insurance?
Do I receive the rental contract and documents from MyCamper?

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