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Traveling with a Hobby caravan in Switzerland means experiencing amazing vacations!

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Discovering new things or meeting up with old friends every year at the place of longing - there are good reasons why camping vacations are one of the most popular types of traveling. The freedom in traveling finds more fans every day. After all, the desire to travel around Europe in a Hobby camper promises to be a special experience. Without encountering crowds of tourists, but instead visiting the sights of different countries at your own pace - this happens especially travelers who rent a Hobby motorhome. A roadtrip can take you anywhere, which is exactly what makes renting a Hobby caravan appealing. Explore Switzerland, Austria or Scandinavia in a Hobby camper or rent a Hobby motorhome and travel through Scotland or Great Britain - the destinations vary and are tempting. Finding a temporary vacation spot and renting a Hobby camper sounds like the perfect domicile for the best time of the year? It is, after all, hardly any other way to travel offers as much variety as renting a Hobby caravan and just driving off.

Happy Hobby Weekend - a success story

Since Hobby Wohnwagenwerke was founded in 1967, the company has developed continuously. From rural Fockbek in Schleswig-Holstein, the rapid development of the company started. While in 1970 the company was still producing six caravans a day, by 1985 it was already producing 80 caravans a day - and the company continued to expand. Fifty years after the company was founded, the Hobby brand is the market leader in caravan production, with a market share of more than 25%.

Hobby caravans are built to make dreams come true

Vans, semi-integrated caravans, panel vans or space wonders with alcoves - anyone who wants to rent a Hobby caravan and travel with it has a choice of models from six series. In the solid "Optima" edition, travelers encounter various models. From "Ontour" to "De Luxe", "Ontour Alcove" all Hobby motorhomes of this series inspire with a travel-ready full equipment. In addition to optional extras such as roof air conditioners, SAT/TV combinations, navigation system or outdoor shower, many other extras are included. The adapted bike racks are particularly appealing to mobile travelers who want to rent a Hobby camper. Inside, the campers also score with special extras: bed extensions, extractor hood, removable carpeting or the cab bed make the decision to travel Switzerland and other countries with a Hobby caravan so attractive. Travelers can choose from a wide variety of models and are perfectly equipped - depending on where the next trip will take you to and when it will take place.

Hobby caravans and campers

Traveling alone, as a couple or with friends and follow your own pace - those who want to rent a Hobby caravan and just drive off will find a large selection on MyCamper. Camping inspires more and more people, many travelers long for the independence and freedom that a trip with a camper promises.