Insurance for renters

All-round insurance with Baloise

We want you to have a carefree holiday. That's why all vehicles on MyCamper are insured accordingly. They are either covered by our MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution or by the insurance provided by the rental company. Please note that there are insurance exclusions e.g. operating errors, operational damage, damage to tyres. You can find out how the camper is insured from the vehicle profile on MyCamper. The insurance cover will automatically come into effect as soon as you start your trip.

Summary of the key points

  • You can find out what insurance cover the camper has in the vehicle profile on MyCamper. The insurance cover comes into effect automatically as soon as your journey begins.
  • The camper will have liability and comprehensive insurance cover in any case, either through MyCamper-Baloise insurance or through the lessor’s own vehicle insurance policy. 
  • MyCamper-Baloise insurance covers the premium increase and the deductible for the lender in the damaging event if the lender chose this option in the camper profile. You can reduce your contributions to costs (deductible) from CHF 1000 to CHF 200 per damaging event directly in the booking process.
  • The lender may stipulate that vehicle interior insurance be taken out, either that or the lender will leave it to you to add this to your booking. This covers any damage to the furnishings, the interior or the roof tent.
  • Breakdown assistance, in the event that the vehicle will not start or if it has been damaged, may be covered by the lessor. In this case the lessor will inform you of what to do in the event of an emergency upon handover of the vehicle. If not, you can add breakdown assistance during the booking process; this means you will then be covered by MyCamper-Baloise insurance.
  • You may also take out additional optional insurance coverage such as cancellation insurance in case you cannot go on your trip, and luggage insurance in case you would like to insure bicycles and other valuable items.

Liability and comprehensive insurance

Coverage if the camper is insured by MyCamper-Baloise insurance

The MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution includes the following cover for rented vehicles: liability and part or comprehensive cover. In the case of a caravan, the liability insurance is to be covered by the policy for the towing vehicle. Interior insurance is compulsory for some vehicles (the lessor can decide this) and breakdown assistance is already included in the lessor’s insurance for the vehicle. As a renter, you can add to the insurance cover for the rented vehicle as needed, e.g. cancellation insurance and baggage insurance. 

Deductible and liability per claim: CHF 1000

You can reduce your contributions to costs (deductible) from CHF 1000 to CHF 200 per claim directly in the booking process.

  • Third party liability: Covers damage caused by you as a renter to another vehicle or property. The insurance applies as a supplement to the existing obligatory motor vehicle liability insurance.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Covers damage caused by collision, fire damage, natural forces, snow slide, theft, animals, glass, vandalism (e.g. hail, falling snow, theft, collision with animals, broken glass) without interior space and without damage due to operating errors.

You can find the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) with the cover and exclusions (e.g. operating errors, operational damage, damage to tyres) here.

Area of applicability

The MyCamper-Baloise insurance is valid in Europe and in the countries bordering the Mediterranean, excluding Kosovo, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In the case of transport by sea, the insurance cover is not interrupted if the place of departure and destination are within this area.

In case of breakdown

Report the damage to Baloise either by telephone (0800 24 80 11 and +41 58 285 28 28 in case of connection problems abroad) or via online damage report (link according to the booking details) as soon as you are back from your camping holiday (except in case of liability damage and damage that prevents you from continuing your journey). 

The following documents are required by Baloise in the event of a claim:

  • Rental contract (including handover protocol and, if available, confirmation of the vehicle value)
  • Copy of the vehicle registration document
  • Driver's license from the handlebar
  • European accident protocol (a must for liability claims)

Inform the lessor of the Basler's claim number. Once the damage has been reported, the landlord will take care of repairing the damage. The landlord will retain your deposit and contact you after the damage has been repaired to refund the difference, if any. 

Coverage if the camper is covered by the lessor’s insurance


You can see from the vehicle profile on MyCamper which insurance cover the camper has. Campers that are covered by the insurance of the lender are insured as a rental vehicle. For non-motorised campers (caravans), the liability insurance is covered by the towing vehicle. You can ask the lender what exclusions there are in the insurance conditions, e.g. operating errors, operational damage, damage to tyres.

Area of applicability

As a rule, Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean. For details, please see the general terms and conditions of insurance of the lessor’s policy.

In case of a claim

When contacting the insurance company, it is best to have the rental contract and handover report to hand. Here, you can find the details of the lessor and camper. Should this concern an accident involving a third party, please also have the European accident report to hand.

Inform the lessor of the insurance claim number. The lessor will have the repairs carried out once the damage has been reported. The lessor will retain the deposit and get in touch with you once the damage has been corrected and reimburse you the difference, should any funds remain.

Deductible/ bonus protection

In the event of a claim, the premium for the vehicle will increase for the lessor and the lessor will have to pay a deductible to their insurance company. The waiver of deductible/bonus protection module means that Baloise will cover these costs for the lessor.



Breakdown assistance

Breakdown assistance with MyCamper-Baloise insurance

If the camper rental does not already include breakdown assistance or if your own insurance excludes rental vehicles, you can take out Europe-wide breakdown assistance cover with Baloise. 


Baloise breakdown assistance covers costs in the event of a traffic accident, breakdown, vandalism or theft within Europe.

The following services are insured (non-exhaustive list):

  •  On-site breakdown service and towing - actual costs
  • Standing fees (parking costs) up to CHF 250
  • Recovery of the camper up to CHF 5000
  • Forwarding of spare parts, if these cannot be procured on site
  • Return journey of all inmates to their place of residence in Switzerland or onward journey to the original destination if the vehicle is not repaired on the same day can be. The costs are covered up to a maximum of CHF 1000 per case for the journey home or onward by public transport or for a maximum of 5 days and 500 CHF per case for a rental vehicle of the same category as the insured vehicle.
  • Overnight stay, provided that the journey home or onward journey on the same day is no longer is possible or the repair is not possible within 5 days, up to 150 CHF per passenger and night, in total a maximum of 1200 CHF per case.
  • Return transport of the unroadworthy vehicle to the lessor's usual garage if it cannot be repaired within 24 hours (Switzerland) or within 5 days (abroad). 
  • Organisational service around the incident such as ordering a taxi, organising a rental car or return flight

The full-service package can be viewed in the terms and conditions of insurance.

In case of a breakdown

Please contact the emergency helpline on +41 848 801 803 (24 h Service). Please have the following documents to hand:

  • Copy of the rental contract
  • Policy number (is the same as MyCamper’s booking number). You can find the booking number in the rental contract
  • Original report of the incident (police report, accident report)
  • Original bills and receipts
  • Payment details

Breakdown assistance via the vehicle lessor

Should roadside assistance already be covered in the lessor’s insurance, he or she will provide you with the necessary documents directly.


The scope of cover varies from insurance policy to insurance policy. 

Area of applicability

The insurance is valid during the rental period specified in the rental contract. The MyCamper-Basler insurance is valid in Europe and in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, excluding Kosovo, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In the case of transport by sea, insurance cover is not interrupted if the place of departure and destination are within this area.

In case of a breakdown

Please contact the emergency helpline of the respective insurance company. You will receive the telephone number and the roadside assistance insurance policy from the lessor. Please have the following documents to hand:

  • Copy of the rental contract with information concerning the lessor and vehicle
  • Policy number (you will receive this from the lessor)
  • Original report of the incident (police report, accident report)
  • Original bills and receipts



Vehicle interior insurance


Vehicle interior insurance covers damage as a result of sudden destruction – due to external or personal influence – of components in the interior or passenger compartment and in the storage or boot compartment, of the furniture in the living compartment including windows and blinds, of the electrical equipment in the living compartment (e.g. refrigerator, boiler, TV), of the complete gas system and of the drinking and wastewater system of the vehicle specified in the rental contract (without damage due to operating errors). If the rental is of a vehicle with a roof tent or only a roof tent, this insurance also covers damage to the interior of the roof tent.


Deductible for interior insurance per claim: CHF 200


Optional insurance

During the booking process you will be asked whether you would like to take out optional cancellation insurance or luggage insurance. In the case of the interior insurance, the rental company may stipulate that you must take out this insurance. If they do not specify it as compulsory, you have the choice and can add it voluntarily in the booking process.

Cancellation costs insurance


The vehicle rental costs are insured if the trip is cancelled before the start of the trip. 

The following events are insured if you, as a tenant, are unable to commence your booked journey, provided that they occur after the booking has been completed (non-exhaustive list)

  • Serious illness, serious accident, unemployment or death a person travelling with him, the pet of the tenant or a person travelling with him.
  • Strike (subject to active participation) on the planned itinerary abroad, riots of any kind, quarantine, elementary events at the travel destination, if these specifically endanger the life and property of the insured person.
  • Serious damage to the property of the insured person at his place of residence as a result of fire, natural disasters, theft or water damage, so that his presence at home is essential.
  • Failure or delay - both as a result of a technical defect or personal accident - of the public transport to be used to the place where the rented vehicle is picked up.

All insured events and details can be found in the Conditions of the Baloise.

Area of applicability

The cancellation insurance is limited to the camper rent concluded via MyCamper.

In case of a cancellation

In the event of cancellation, Baloise must be informed immediately. Any damage will be reported to Baloise either by telephone (0800 24 801 1 and +41 58 285 28 28 if there are connection problems abroad) or via online damage report (link in the confirmation e-mail of the camper rental). You should also report the cancellation to MyCamper and the rental company immediately.

The following documents, among others, must be submitted to Baloise:

  • Rental agreement and invoices for the cancellation costs
  • Medical certificate, certificate of death or other official attestation
  • Payment details

Baggage insurance

Baggage insurance offers cover for theft, damage and loss.

All personal items that you take with you on your trip can be insured. These may include e-bikes, surf boards, bicycles, clothes, toiletries, shoes, mobile phones, camera equipment, sports equipment and computers. The following are not covered: pets, wristwatches and pocket watches, valuables, vouchers, traveller’s cheques, transferable season tickets, jewellery and items carried for professional or commercial purposes.


Sum insured of up to CHF 10,000: deductible of CHF 50

Baggage insurance offers additional coverage to that provided by home contents insurance. At home, you are adequately insured against simple theft. Once you take your favourite items with you when you travel, such as an e-bike or bicycle, an expensive camera or golfing equipment, the level of insurance coverage provided by home contents insurance is often insufficient.