As a Lender you are fully insured with Baloise insurance

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Insurances for lenders

Below you can see what is or can be covered with the Baloise insurance.

Third party liability

Covers damage caused by the renter to another's vehicle or property.

Comprehensive insurance

Covers damage caused by collision, fire damage, natural forces, snow slide, theft, animals, glass, vandalism and assistance and collision and fire damage to the camper caused by the renter, without interior space.

Waiver of deductable

In the event of a claim, the vehicle premium will increase, and a deductible will be payable. Baloise will cover the premium increase difference and the costs of the deductible.

Interior insurance

Vehicle interior insurance covers damage as a result of sudden destruction – due to external or personal influence – of components in the interior or passenger compartment and in the storage or boot compartment.

Optional insurances for renters

Here are some additional insurances the renter can add on to the already included insurance.

Breakdown assistance

If the camper or lender does not already include breakdown assistance, renters can take out Europe-wide breakdown assistance cover with Baloise.

Cancellation insurance

The vehicle rental costs are insured if the trip is cancelled before the start of the trip (such as illness, accident or unemployment).

Baggage insurance

The additional baggage insurance offers cover for theft, damage and loss.


Learn about insurance

See the webinar held by our Insurance expert Clarissa from Baloise and Mirjam from MyCamper to learn more about insurances when renting out the camper.

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Numbers 2020

4.9 Overall rating
16 Bookings
8'354 CHF Overall earnings

"The bus is on the road for about 5-6 weekends a year and I earn about CHF 3-5k per year with it."


Numbers 2020

4.7 Overall rating
12 Bookings
7'856 CHF Overall earnings

"I recommend MyCamper to everyone, you just have to be aware that you are renting something that belongs to someone."


Numbers 2020

4.8 Overall rating
19 Bookings
9'344 CHF Overall earnings

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MyCamper Events

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In our ebook you're going to find all the necessary information regarding insurance, instant booking, how the handover works, how you can improve your profile and how you can maximize your earnings.

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