Insurance for owners

Insurance Terms for Vehicle Owners

So that you can rent your camper out to other people without any worries, in cooperation with Allianz we offer you an insurance solution on a daily basis, which is specially tailored for rental via MyCamper.


Should you not meet the requirements of the Allianz MyCamper insurance solution, or already hold an insurance policy which explicitly includes the rental, you can also use another insurance policy.


The Allianz-MyCamper insurance solution (valid until end of 2019)



The Allianz-MyCamper insurance solution comprises the following levels of coverage: third-party liability, partial and comprehensive insurance and gross negligence. You find the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) here.


Excess for partial insurance per claim: CHF 500

Excess for comprehensive insurance per claim: CHF 1000


  • Third-party liability: covers damage caused by you as the lessee to someone else's vehicle or property
  • Partial insurance: covers natural forces, snow slide, theft, embezzlement, animal, glass, vandalism and assistance claims, as well as claims caused by falling objects (e.g. hail, falling snow, misappropriation, collision with animals, glass breakage)
  • Comprehensive insurance: covers collision and fire damage to the camper caused by you as the lessee, without damage to the interior (e.g. collapse, impact, overturning, lightning, fire)
  • Gross negligence: waives the right of recourse and right of reduction in the event of gross negligence causing the insured event



The Allianz-MyCamper insurance solution works quite simply: When your camper is booked via MyCamper, it is covered by insurance from Allianz. In the event of claims incurred during the rental period, the Allianz-MyCamper insurance solution will take effect and take priority. This means that your private insurance will continue to be valid during the rental period, but the Allianz-MyCamper insurance will be triggered in the event of a claim. As soon as your lessee has completed and paid for the booking, the rental insurance will automatically be activated for the duration of the rental period. You and your lessee will receive insurance confirmation together with the rental agreement. When you use your camper yourself, your own insurance cover will still apply. There is no need to inform your own insurance company or change the policy, and it will not be involved in any claims incurred during the rental period.

Preconditions (only valid until end of 2019)

  • Camper up to a total weight of 3.5 tonnes with a maximum of 9 seats
  • Camper is motorised (not a caravan)
  • Camper is not leased from another company
  • Camper is registered in Switzerland and you as the lessor are a resident of Switzerland
  • Catalogue price of the camper is a maximum of CHF 100,000 (incl. accessories)
  • Camper has a maximum age of 25 (from the 1st day of entry into use)


Should your vehicle not fulfil the preconditions for the Allianz-MyCamper insurance solution, we will gladly help you to find a suitable insurance policy. We have contacts and are sure we can help you. For this please contact us here.



The costs of the Allianz-MyCamper insurance coverage are included in the daily price and are paid by the lessee. The cost depends on the catalogue price and age of your camper and ranges from CHF 15 to 30 per day. As soon as you have created a vehicle profile on MyCamper, the daily cost of the Allianz-MyCamper insurance will be displayed. You do not pay an annual premium.


Your own rental insurance


If your camper does not fulfil the above criteria, or if you already hold rental insurance, it can be insured by your own insurance company as a rental vehicle.



The covers vary from insurance company to insurance company.



Your insurance policy must contain the wording "private rental" or "rental against payment". If the policy does not expressly mention rental, we recommend that you consult your insurance company and request written confirmation. Most insurance companies exclude rental against payment in their general terms and conditions of insurance.



If you want to rent your vehicle out on MyCamper using your own rental insurance, please confirm this in the vehicle creation process.



Rental vehicle insurance usually entails a higher annual premium than insurance that covers only private use. Make the insurance available to the lessee, pay the premium and include it in the cost of the rental.


Additional insurance options for the lessee


The lessee has the option of taking out further insurance policies during the booking process.


Roadside assistance

If there is already roadside assistance in place for your camper included in the rental, you can specify this in the vehicle profile. During the booking process, the lessee can book Europewide roadside assistance via our partner, ERV (Europäische Reiseversicherung).


Excess insurance

By taking out the excess insurance, the lessee can reduce the excess for comprehensive insurance claims relating to your camper van (excluding inventory) by 10%. The lessee shall in any case pay the deposit, which will be used to cover the excess. In the event of a claim, the insurance will reimburse the lessee for his share of the excess.


Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance covers costs accruing to the lessee if he or she cannot commence a booked journey or has to break it off early (e.g. due to serious illness, serious injury or pregnancy complications).


You will find an overview of the insurance options for lessees on this page.

Do you have any further questions regarding insurance? We will be very pleased to assist. Just ring or write to us.