Insurance for owners

Insurance conditions for owners

So that you can rent your camper out to other people without any worries, we offer you an insurance solution on a daily basis in cooperation with Baloise, which is specially tailored to rental via MyCamper.

Summary of the key points

  • Please check in your vehicle policy if your vehicle is insured for hire against payment or if this is explicitly excluded. 
  • If hire against payment is excluded, you will require additional insurance: MyCamper-Baloise insurance with the modules liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and bonus protection/waiver of deductible.
  • If hire against payment is covered in your vehicle policy, you will only need the waiver of deductible/bonus protection module of the MyCamper-Baloise insurance. If the renter causes a claim event, Baloise will pay for the premium increase and your deductible, thereby providing you with comprehensive insurance in the event of a claim. This does not apply to vehicles registered outside of Switzerland.
  • If your vehicle has breakdown assistance insurance, you can indicate this when registering. In that case the renter will not need to arrange this coverage. If you have not taken out any breakdown assistance, the renter can add this in the booking process.
  • You can choose whether or not the renter must take out insurance for damage to the vehicle interior, or you can give the renter the option of adding this cover voluntarily.
  • During the booking process, the renter will have the opportunity to take out other optional insurance, such as cancellation and baggage insurance.

Liability and comprehensive insurance

The MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution



The MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution includes the following cover for all rented vehicles: liability and part or comprehensive cover and waiver of deductible/bonus protection. In the case of a caravan, the liability insurance is to be covered by the policy for the towing vehicle. As a lessor, you can also determine whether or not vehicle interior insurance is mandatory. You can find the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTC) here

Excess for comprehensive and liability insurance per claim: CHF 200

  • Third party liability: covers damage caused by the renter to another's vehicle or property 
  • Comprehensive insurance: covers damage caused by collision, fire damage, natural forces, snow slide, theft, animals, glass, vandalism and assistance (e.g. hail, falling snow, theft, collision with animals, glass breakage) and collision and fire damage to the camper caused by the renter, without interior space (e.g. collapse, impact, tipping over, lightning, fire, sinking in and out)
  • Waiver of deductible/bonus protection: In the event of a claim, the vehicle premium will increase, and a deductible will be payable. Baloise will cover the premium increase difference and the costs of the deductible.


The MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution works very simply: When your camper is booked via MyCamper, it is covered by insurance from Baloise. In the event of claims incurred during the rental period, the MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution will take effect and take priority. This means that your private insurance will continue to be valid during the rental period, but the MyCamper-Baloise insurance will be triggered in the event of a claim. As soon as your renter has completed and paid for the booking, the rental insurance will automatically be activated for the duration of the rental period. You and your renter will receive insurance confirmation together with the rental agreement. When you use your camper yourself, your own insurance cover will still apply. There is no need to inform your own insurance company or change the policy, and it will not be involved in any claims incurred during the rental period.


  • The camper is enrolled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein and you as the owner are resident in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein. 
  • The owner is resident in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein

Should your vehicle not fulfil the preconditions for the MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution, we will gladly help you find a suitable insurance policy. We have contacts and are sure we can help you. For this please contact us here.


The costs of the MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution are included in the night price and are paid by the renter. The insurance costs are regressive, they depend on the booking costs, the longer the rental period, the lower the insurance costs (pro rata). As soon as you have created a vehicle profile on MyCamper, you will see the cost of MyCamper Basler insurance. You do not pay any annual fees.


Your own rental insurance


If your camper does not fulfil the above criteria, or if you already hold rental insurance, it can be insured by your own insurance company as a rental vehicle.


The covers vary from insurance company to insurance company.


Your insurance policy must contain the wording "private rental" or "rental against payment". If the policy does not expressly mention rental, we recommend that you consult your insurance company and request written confirmation. Most insurance companies exclude rental against payment in their general terms and conditions of insurance.


If you want to rent your vehicle out on MyCamper using your own rental insurance, please confirm this in the vehicle creation process.


Rental vehicle insurance usually entails a higher annual premium than insurance that covers only private use. Make the insurance available to the lessee, pay the premium and include it in the cost of the rental.


Additional insurance options for the lessee

The lessee has the option of taking out further insurance policies during the booking process.

Breakdown assistance

If your camper already comes with breakdown assistance that covers rental too, you can indicate this in the vehicle profile. When handing over the vehicle, you give the renter the relevant documents explaining what to do in the event of a breakdown. If you have not taken out any breakdown assistance cover, the renter can book Europe-wide breakdown assistance with our partner Baloise Insurance during the booking process. 

Loss of excess / bonus protection

If the camper is insured by you as the owner, a possible loss of excess of your insurance can be covered via 'Loss of excess / Bonus protection' of the MyCamper-Baloise insurance solution.

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance covers costs incurred by the renter or other accompanying travellers if they cannot go on a booked trip (e.g. due to serious illness, serious injury or pregnancy complications). The renter can book this as an optional extra.

Baggage insurance

Baggage insurance offers cover for theft, damage and loss. The renter can book this as an optional extra.

Vehicle interior insurance

The renter can add vehicle interior insurance to the booking if you as the lessor have not stipulated this as obligatory in your camper profile. The interior insurance covers damage due to sudden destruction or damage caused by external or internal impact to components in the interior or passenger compartment as well as in the load compartment or boot, as well as the furniture in the living area including windows and blinds, the electrical appliances in the living area (e.g. refrigerator, boiler, TV set), the complete gas system as well as the drinking and waste water system of the vehicle listed in the rental agreement. If the rental refers to a vehicle with a roof tent or only a roof tent, this insurance also covers damage to the interior of the roof tent.


You will find an overview of the insurance options for renters on this page.

Do you have any further questions regarding insurance? We will be very pleased to assist. Just ring or write to us.