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The largest digital camping guide in Switzerland with online booking

PiNCAMP is the digital camping guide of TCS in cooperation with ADAC. On the platform, there are more than 9,000 campsites in 8,000 destinations throughout Europe that can be compared, reserved and in some cases you can directly book online.

You're going on a camping vacation, but you don't know where to go yet? With PiNCAMP you can find your next dream campsite and get many new ideas and inspirations for your camping vacations.

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The best of the best

Spending the night at the campsite, having a barbecue in the evening and going to the spa in the morning - that doesn't have to be a conflict. More and more campsites are reaching for the stars and offering wellness facilities, water parks and top-quality sanitary facilities. Europe's best campsites are proving how well camping and comfort go together.

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Camping by the sea

Whether it's an extended beach vacation, a few days on the coast during a big road trip or a real adventure while island hopping, camping by the sea always gives you individual experiences. Discover now nearly 3,000 campsites all over Europe directly by the sea.

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Camping in Switzerland

Croatia, Italy & Co. are wonderful destinations, but nothing can beat a vacation at home. Gorgeous mountain panoramas, beautiful lakes, an unspoiled natural scenery: Switzerland is the perfect destination for travelers and all those who like to spend their vacations in the nature. See for yourself the huge selection of campsites.

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Winter camping

Discover the most beautiful ski resorts in the Alps when going winter camping, when the winter sun sparkles on the snow cover and the fresh snow crunches under your soles. Find the most beautiful campsites in ski resorts now.

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