MyCamper Events

MyCamper Events

MyCamper is a big Community and we love to organize regular meetings and events to give our lenders the possibility to exchange their camping experiences. MyCamper Team is always happy to meet new people and familiar faces and to further develop MyCamper together.

As we all know, the current situation does not allow such gatherings. However, we try to keep you happy with interesting webinars and the anticipation of finally seeing you again is growing more and more. 

Information mornings

We meet up on a campground for an informative morning with a small breakfast. Lenders as well as renters are invited to attend this get together.

The event serves as a joint exchange for the MyCamper community. We are happy to show interested lenders how MyCamper works, what needs to be considered when lending out a camper and of course there is the possibility to talk to lenders about renting out.

->Date & time will be published on this site as soon as events will be allowed again. 

MyCamper Festival

The highlight for our community is of course the MyCamper Festival.

This year in late summer the time has finally come and we are already looking forward to welcoming you to the MyCamper Festival.

There will be an interesting program and a lot to discover. A great event vor lenders, renters and camper fans. There is sure to be something for everyone!

Come by and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you!

You can find an overview of all our past and upcoming events on our Facebook Page

The page is regularly updated.