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Camping with a truly traditional brand

Renting a Weinsberg motorhome guarantees vacation with a feeling of freedom at an optimal value for money.

Weinsberg: A long camping vehicle tradition

The history of the Weinsberg company goes back more than 100 years. The name of the camping vehicle manufacturer goes back to the town of Weinsberg in Baden-Württemberg, where the Weinsberg body works were founded in 1912. However, it took another 57 years until the first motorhome from Weinsberg was launched in 1969. Based on a Fiat 328, Weinsberg presented its first van at that time, which would change the vacation habits of many people. Since 1992, Weinsberg has been part of the Tabbert Group, a group that merged with the Knaus company in 2008. Since then, the two camping vehicle manufacturers have been sister brands that supplement each other. While Knaus is positioned in the upper middle-class segment, Weinsberg primarily targets travellers who are looking for the best value for money. Since 2019, Weinsberg has been active on the market as a full-range provider with the launch of its first integrated motorhome. In addition to motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato, the brand also offers a small range of Weinsberg caravans.

Weinsberg CaraCore: The integrated flagship

For the past two years, the CaraCore has been Weinsberg's new flagship vehicle. With a length of between 6.99 and 7.41 meters, the CaraCore is the largest vehicle in the Weinsberg fleet. The huge panoramic window and large skylight give travellers a unique feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. There are three different layouts to choose from. In the short version of the CaraCore, travellers can choose between two lengthwise beds or a French bed.The long version of the integrated camping vehicle is only available in the lengthwise bed variant. Of course, the CaraCore offers all the expected features of an integrated motorhome, such as a bathroom with shower and toilet, a kitchen with plenty of storage space, seating for four people and a lift bed with two additional sleeping spaces.

Weinsberg CaraCompact, CaraLoft and CaraSuite: The all-round semi-integrated motorhomes

Weinsberg's selection of semi-integrated motorhomes includes the three model series CaraCompact, CaraLoft and CaraSuite. They differ in terms of length as well as layout and equipment. The CaraCompact is aimed at all travellers who are looking for a compact camping vehicle, but for whom a panel van is too small. The narrow body of the CaraCompact ensures a reduced vehicle width and therefore offers an agile and dynamic driving experience. Those who need a little more space will feel at home in the CaraLoft. With 2.15 meters of continuous headroom and a huge payload, the CaraLoft offers two people plenty of space for great vacation experiences. The CaraSuite is the partially integrated model for families. With its fold-down bed, it offers a comfortable sleeping space for a total of four people.

Weinsberg CaraBus and CaraTour: The Caravaning Utility Vehicles

Weinsberg panel vans are no longer referred to as such, but are now called "Caravaning Utility Vehicles". With this renaming, Weinsberg is reacting to the fact that today's panel vans are no longer uncomfortable metal boxes with little equipment. The Caravaning Utility Vehicles from Weinsberg combine compact dimensions with interesting equipment details. The highlight of the CUVs is the new pop-up roof, which not only offers two additional people a fully-fledged sleeping space, but also creates a completely new vacation feeling in the CUV.

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Renting a Weinsberg caravan or Weinsberg camper in Switzerland is the best way to get unbeatable value for money. Those who like to travel compact and maneuverable on their vacations should go with a Weinsberg van. Those who appreciate more space, on the other hand, should rent a Weinsberg motorhome. Renting a Weinsberg motorhome guarantees vacations with plenty of space and a feeling of freedom. The integrated CaraCore is the ultimate in terms of space for a Weinsberg camper in Switzerland.