Rent a VW campervan

Motorhomes from one of the world's biggest automobile manufacturers

Rent a VW Camper in Switzerland: comfort and performance for an unforgettable trip.

Rent a VW camper in Switzerland

Exciting adventures can be experienced with a campervan. Renting a VW motorhome is therefore the right decision for an exciting trip. This is characterized by thoughtful equipment that allows you to make the most of the available space. This results in outstanding travel comfort. Added to this is a powerful engine performance that also makes the driving experience enjoyable.

VW - pioneer in the production of motorhomes

The VW Group was founded in Wolfsburg in 1937. Initially, however, it produced only a small car, the VW Beetle. Nevertheless, the company quickly developed into one of the largest automobile producers in Europe. In 1950, it expanded its model range to include the T1, also known as the VW bus or Bully. This was also to be the starting point for the development of one of the world's first motorhomes for leisure and cultural travel. For this purpose, VW entered into a cooperation agreement with the Westfalia company. Volkswagen manufactured the vehicles, while Westfalia took care of converting them into motorhomes. In this way, the Camping-Box was created - the first VW Camper.

VW California - the first own campervan from Volkswagen

Although the previous VW camper models all used the VW bus as their vehicle, the conversion and distribution was done by the Westfalia company. In 1989, however, Volkswagen moved to market its motorhomes itself. The result was the VW California. This was initially based on the T3. It was available with a high roof and a folding roof. At this time, Westfalia was still responsible for the equipment - but now on behalf of VW. This remained the case for the successor version, which was based on the T4. However, with the introduction of the T5 in 2004, Volkswagen founded its own subsidiary for this purpose. Since that time, VW has been manufacturing the motorhomes entirely in-house. In the meantime, they are based on the T6 - the current VW Bus. There are three different lines available. The basic model is called California 6.1 Coast and is equipped, among other things, with a fully functional kitchen, a folding bench seat with reclining function and a manual pop-up roof. On the California 6.1 Ocean, the pop-up roof is electrohydraulic. Double glazing and an auxiliary air heating system make this model suitable for winter use. The California 6.1 Ocean "Edition" adds a number of visual details, including alloy wheels and a radiator grille painted black. In addition, it is possible to rent an even slightly larger VW bus with the Grand California 600. This is based on the VW Crafter. As a mini mobile home Volkswagen also offers the VW Caddy Tramp.

Rent a VW camper in Switzerland: suitable solutions for interesting trips

Renting a VW van, guarantees a high level of comfort on the trip. A spacious interior, comfortable sleeping arrangements and a functional kitchen make you feel almost at home in this camper. In addition, there is a diverse choice in terms of motorization. The VW California is available with gasoline and with diesel engines with a power between 62 kW and 150 kW. At MyCamper there are many suitable models for every trip. An uncomplicated arrangement with private vehicle owners, that offers renters an easy way to rent a camping vehicle with insurance included.