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Urban on the road: rent a Toyota Camper and discover the world at your own pace.

Rent a Toyota camper in Switzerland

Pure nature - camping means so much more freedom than all-inclusive vacations could ever offer. Renting a Toyota Camper or traveling from place to place in a Toyota Firence and seeing new areas every day is the most beautiful way to travel. Uncomplicated, without time pressure and obligations just driving off, that is a special kind of happiness. If you rent a 4x4 pickup, you will be well-equipped for rough roads and discover places of interest that only a few people have ever seen. Even hidden corners around the world are easy to discover in a Toyota Firence or a Toyota Hilux Camper.

Toyota - the largest automobile manufacturer in the world

The Toyota Motor Corporation started its triumphal course in the year 1937 in the Japanese Toyota City. The second largest automobile manufacturer is named after its hometown, which is not hard to guess. At the beginning, the focus was on the production of small cars; the reason for this was the desire to avoid direct competition with American manufacturers. Initial successes were curbed in the early 1950s by Japanese inflation, and the company was on the edge of ruin due to the massive loss of purchasing power. In contrast to all predictions, it was the resulting strike that strengthened the company and established a corporate culture based on mutual trust and respect that is still followed today. Quality controls and just-in-time production were the first measures taken, while continuous optimization of processes, extremely accurate manufacturing and high-quality materials ensured lasting success. Today, more than two out of three vehicles sold in Europe are also manufactured here. Toyota is considered a pioneer in the hybrid segment. The company not only impresses with innovative solutions, but also stands out for its social commitment.

More diverse than almost any other automobile manufacturer: Toyota.

The company started with small cars and is still extremely successful in this segment. For urban areas, the cross models Land Cruiser and Hilux are in demand. Mobile solutions for both campers and businesses are the Hillux and Proace vans in various configurations, such as the Proace Verso, Proace City or Proace City Verso. Renting a Toyota Hilux camper or a Toyota Proace camper and simply taking a break from everyday life sounds delightfully easygoing. If you want to rent a 4x4 pickup, you will get off well even in rough terrain. The brand offers flexible solutions for Toyota campers and off-road vehicles, so Proace City Verso or Land Cruiser can be turned into a highly flexible motorhome with practical accessories such as the camping box with fold-out double bed, stove and storage space. Customized equipment for compact space wonders that are perfect for a spontaneous camping trip.

Rent customized travel companions on MyCamper

On MyCamper, besides caravan models, you can also find country-style camping companions. On MyCamper it is easy to rent a Toyota Firence, a Toyota Land Cruiser or even a pickup with cabin. For every need and every budget there are camping vehicles from private owners that can be rented easily online, including insurance. Without much effort just book and drive off - the dream vacation for travelers starts right here.