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Rent a Tabbert caravan in Switzerland

Discover the world by travelling: Rent a Tabbert camper and explore with family or friends or rent a Tabbert caravan in Switzerland and get to know the country and its people all over Europe — this is what the holiday for globetrotters looks like today. Technology, equipment and design are the highlights of the models - a Tabbert Caravan impresses with its special strengths and individual sizes. Newly in love for two or on tour as a large family - travelling with a Tabbert Caravan suits everyone who enjoys nature and something new. The Tabbert caravans are safe, secure and at the same time decidedly trendy - an experience for young and old. If you want to rent a Tabbert camper, travel comfortably. We prefer to spend the best time of the year where we want to. Exploring Switzerland and the whole of Europe with the Tabbert Caravan makes the holiday a special experience and creates memories that inspire us for a long time. Renting a Tabbert camper means independence and the freedom to see what you like - regardless of timetables and locations. Choose new areas or see last year's favorite places - everything is possible for travellers who hire a Tabbert caravan.

Caravans for every requirement

Tabbert has been a guarantee for good travel for decades. When Alfred Tabbert manufactured his first caravans in 1953, he already looked back on training in the car body shop and successfully completed a master craftsman's examination at the Siemens Automobile Plants in Berlin. He celebrated previous successes with the company” Fränkische Fahrz- und Möbelwerke”. In the mid-1950s, the first caravan went into series production - the” Ideal “conquered the hearts of the traveler. Alfred Tabbert founded the” Tabbert Wavenger GmbH “at the Mottgers site in 1959. During the time of the German economic miracle, the company continues to grow. The motto is” caravans for every collar size - from three to 13 thousand marks “; behind this is a range of 14 different models that justify the company's economic success. At the end of the 1960s,” Tabbert Wohnwagen GmbH “already employs around 500 people and continues to expand. In the mid-1980s, Tabbert Caravan GmbH became “TIAG - Tabbert Industrie AG”, which was taken over by” KNAUS AG “for ten years. To this day, the name Tabbert stands for innovative and design-oriented motorhomes.

A model from the Tabbert Camper line realizes travel dreams

The models” Puccini “and” Cellini “are real space wonders for families or friends and fascinate with luxury fittings and open views. Comfortable and modern design, they are the perfect choice for people with high standards. Lovers of beautiful things will get their money's worth with the models” Vivaldi “and” Da Vinci “- they convince in terms of style, design and interior design at its best. The entry-level model” Rossini “delights just like its big brother” Rossini Finest Edition “with practical extras and functional details.

Rent a Tabbert Caravan

Rent a Tabbert camper, get in, set off -in summer as well as in the colder season, the Tabbert models impress with an optimal living environment. Thermal insulation and well-thought-out heating technology ensure comfortable temperatures at any time of the year. Durability and safety are aspects that distinguish Tabbert Camper. Renting a Tabbert caravan means rightly trusting in the quality and reliability of the motorhome.