Rent a Sunlight camper

On a discovery tour with the Sunlight motorhome

Renting a Sunlight motorhome is the start of adventurous camping vacations in a new way.

Rent a Sunlight camper in Switzerland

Ready for new adventures with the Sunlight camper. According to the motto "The adventure calls", Sunlight's camping vehicles are aimed at all adventurous and active people who are always ready for a new chapter in their lives. Sunlight sees its vehicles as a way to turn life into a journey of discovery. The brand focuses on sporty outdoor experiences and, with this in mind, has numerous athletes in action as brand ambassadors. Sunlight is one of the rather younger brands on the European camper scene. It was launched in 2004 as an entry-level brand of the industry giant Dethleffs. As a result, Sunlight is also part of the Ermin Hymer Group, the European market leader for camping vehicles. Since 2017, the Sunlight brand has been a full-range supplier offering all vehicle classes. The market launch of a panel van and an integrated motorhome filled the last gaps in the range.

Sunlight I-Series: The integrated ones with plenty of space

Sunlight offers three integrated motorhomes, the I67, the I68 and the I69. Customers can choose between a standard model and the Edition version, which has a larger and higher-quality interior. The models are available with both lengthwise single beds and double beds, and have a lift bed for two additional sleeping spots. At 7.4 meters in length, Sunlight's integrated motorhomes offer everything you need on an adventurous tour: Seating for several people, a bathroom with separate shower, a large kitchen and plenty of storage space inside and in the back garage. A major plus point of the I-Series from Sunlight is the unbeatable price-performance ratio. With hardly any other camper brand customers get so much equipment for so little money.

Sunlight T-series: The comfortable partially integrated motorhomes

In the semi-integrated motorhomes, Sunlight offers its customers a choice of ten different layouts. In terms of bed equipment with longitudinal beds, double beds, French beds and lift beds, customers can put together their dream vehicle. The T-Series vehicles are optionally equipped. Some models even have a separate wardrobe.

Sunlight V-Series: The compact partially integrated vehicles

With the van series, Sunlight has a vehicle model in its product portfolio that is not available from many manufacturers. The Sunlight vans are the mixture between the compact panel vans and the larger semi-integrated motorhomes. Thus, they are aimed at camping enthusiasts who appreciate the compactness of a van, but at the same time need more space. Currently, Sunlight offers six different models in the V-Series.

Sunlight campervans: The agile panel vans

Sunlight's "Cliff" panel van models are grouped together in the Camper Van series. A total of four layouts are available. Depending on space requirements, customers can choose between vehicle lengths of 5.4 to 6.4 meters. Despite their compact dimensions, the Cliff models from Sunlight have everything on board that is needed on a tour of adventure: Kitchen, bathroom, at least two beds, seating and an amazing amount of storage space.

Rent a Sunlight camper

Renting a Sunlight camper in Switzerland is the first step into adventurous vacations. If you don't need too much space, but want to be more agile on the road, you should rent a Sunlight campervan van. For those who need a bit more space and comfort on their adventure tour, rent a Sunlight motorhome from the V- or the T-series. And those who want to start their vacations in Switzerland with the largest and most comfortable Sunlight camper possible will feel right at home in the I-Series.