Rent a Roller Team motorhome

Exploring the world means going camping

Discover Europe in a Roller Team motorhome and let your dream vacation become true.

With a campervan across Europe

This is how a dream becomes reality: rent a Roller Team motorhome, hop in and hit the road. If you've always dreamed of enjoying your free time unattached, without sacrificing the essentials, you should rent a Roller Team campervan or - with more people - rent a Roller Team motorhome and explore Switzerland. Camping enthusiasts have the choice between stylish, comfortable, large or small, fancy or sporty. Those who want to rent a Roller Team motorhome are already planning the first step on their journey to freedom. Discover hidden corners, avoid mass tourism or meet old friends: Traveling Switzerland or the whole of Europe in a Roller Team offers dreamlike opportunities. If you are looking for a smaller vehicle, you can rent a Roller Team van and travel in comfort.

Market leader for camping vehicles in Italy

Roller Team is a young brand that has earned a worldwide reputation in a short period of time. Known as the market leader in Italy, the company is considered a provider of innovative products and solutions and has made a name for itself in particular as a provider of alcove models. The product range includes the Kronos, Zefiro and Granduca models, as well as Livingstone, Livingstone Sport Limited and Livingstone Advance. For many camping enthusiasts, renting a Roller Team motorhome and touring Switzerland is the best way to spend a vacation. A Roller Team camper van is also an attractive alternative for the best hours and days of the year.

The model series from the Roller Team portfolio

Kronos are the perfect companions for families and friends. This series offers a whole selection of models, which are a good choice especially for outdoor newbies: As a partially integrated with or without a lift bed or as an integrated - Kronos offers plenty of scope for completely individual requirements. However, the Zefiro series is especially popular among experienced travellers, in which design and equipment meet at a high level. These models are suitable for couples as well as for big families with up to eight persons and can be rented as alcove, with or without lift bed as well as integrated - for a travel experience without compromises. Granduca are partially integrated motorhomes for experienced travelers who value storage space, elegance and an excellent comfortable equipment and want to know that reliability and technical requirements are met to a special degree. The semi-integrated can be rented with a center bed, two single beds or transversal bed, depending on the number of travelers. Couples can comfortably travel in a Roller Team Camper Van, the Livingstone or Livingstone 2, with all-round visibility and modern interior design.

A temporary mobile home - rent now on MyCamper

MyCamper offers the most various types for camping vacations - uncomplicated, from private owners and including insurance. A Roller Team motorhome can be rented by people who want to travel in comfort; a Roller Team van camper is ideal for urban travelers; the entire spectrum from the small solution to the noble luxury variant can be found on MyCamper.