Rent a Rimor motorhome

A road trip full of joyful moments

Freedom of movement in the best company: travel Switzerland and all of Europe with a Rimor motorhome.

Rent a Rimor motorhome in Switzerland

The world is home - Rimor's motto is a companion for campers and an invitation to travel and discover. Feeling safe and secure on holiday, exploring the world on the move and feeling at home: holidays can be that good. Renting a Rimor motorhome or travelling in a Rimor campervan is a good decision. Travellers love to visit their favourite places without any external constraints and without the pressure of a tight schedule. Travelling around Switzerland in a Rimor motorhome, discovering new countries and hidden places, seems so much more tempting than mass tourism can ever be. If you prefer comfort and sufficient storage space on your camping holiday, you can rent a Rimor motorhome from a private owner on and thus get started on a reasonable budget.

When enthusiasm meets pioneering spirit: Rimor and the recreational vehicles

The official foundation of the Rimor brand took place in 1978. A lot has changed since the first production; the demand for travelling and for the quality of motorhomes has increased. Rimor has responded to the increased expectations and has developed with passion and optimism. The result is recreational vehicles that impress with their modernity, technical know-how and design. Rimor is part of the Trigano Group. Safety and well-being are guaranteed when travellers explore Switzerland in a Rimor motorhome and feel at home anytime, anywhere.

For families and time for two: Rimor motorhomes and Rimor campervans

Rimor produces the "Horus", "Seal", "Evo" and "Super Brig" series. Fans of Rimor campervans are faced with the agony of choice when they want to rent a Rimor campervan. Each model scores with its own advantages. The "Horus" motorhome guarantees They are the ideal companions for families or friends with their configuration for four or six beds. The " Seal " model can be rented by travellers as an alcove model or as a semi-integrated model. A full 12 models are available in this range. "Evo" is similarly designed, but can be rented as an alcove or semi-integrated with four to seven beds and, thanks to the Ford mechanics, is ideally suited for steep climbs and winding roads. It goes almost without saying that this Rimor motorhome is the perfect travel companion in Switzerland. It is also appreciated for its modern, sporty silhouette. Rimor calls the "Super Brig" series the flagship of production. The semi-integrated and alcove models offer a piece of luxury when travelling. If you want to enjoy comfort on holiday, you can rent this Rimor motorhome used and experience the quality, details and nautical look.

Rent a Rimor motorhome on MyCamper

A wide variety of camping vehicle models can be rented easily and intuitively on MyCamper. From the simple basic model to the luxury variant, travellers have a large selection to choose from. The camping vehicles are rented out by private vehicle owners and include insurance. Camping enthusiasts rent Rimor motorhomes on MyCamper just as easily as Rimor camper vans or other models - a wide variety of wishes come true here.