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Discovering the world at your own pace, stopping or moving on - for campers and nature lovers, this is what the perfect vacation looks like. Far from the hustle and bustle of tour operators and organized travel groups. Traveling through Switzerland, Austria and other countries in a Pilote camper van is pure joy for individualists. Travelers who rent a Pilote RV are comfortable and safe on the road - in terms of service and quality, the French caravan brand is a reliable partner. Inexperienced camping travelers use the beautiful months of the year to explore mountains, valleys and coastal regions. Experienced globetrotters are also on the road in autumn and winter. From the van to the luxury variant, vacationers can rent a Pilote motorhome and go on tour at any time of year.

From caravan to fully integrated motorhome

André Patio founded the company in 1962 and has focused on quality awareness and customer-oriented thinking ever since. The first caravan was created in the family-run carpentry workshop. Philippe Patio took over the company from his brother ten years later. Thanks to his visionary ideas, the Pilote group of companies has become a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles within just a few years. The company now employs over 300 people and is characterized by the highest standards of quality in its products. As in the early years, the customer is still the focus of attention today. Between 1978 and 1985, Pilote marketed in France and Europe first partially integrated, later fully integrated motorhomes. Pilote took its first step in the development of premium models in 1990 when it bought the German company Franka. In the following years, Pilote expanded its range to include budget models as well as a number of premium models. Other companies were added in the first years of this century, when Pilote acquired, for example, "CSA Gérard", a specialist in vans and panel vans, and "Car-Away", a French motorhome rental company.

Family vacations or time for pioneers: the Pilote motorhomes

Those who want to rent a Pilote motorhome can choose from a variety of models ranging from special models to premium versions. The Pacific model range has 21 semi-integrated motorhomes in various sizes and equipment. The Galaxy model range includes fully integrated motorhomes that offer more storage space and greater thermal comfort. Vacationers who rent a Pilote camper from this series enjoy being on the road even in the colder seasons and comfortably stow luggage for longer trips. The semi-integrated motorhomes offer even more storage space in the alcove, making them perfect for families with lots of luggage and equipment. Panel vans from Pilote, on the other hand, are the optimal choice for couples or joy, who are uncomplicated and urban on the road. Discovering Switzerland and Europe with a Pilote motorhome, enjoying the freedom and being your own tour guide - this combination promises to be a dream vacation