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Camping vacations with a motorhome is booming. The number of camping travelers continues to rise year after year. No wonder, after all, nothing is easier and more natural than renting a McLouis caravan, for example, and organizing your vacations individually with family or friends. Mountains, lakes, the sea, charming harbor towns or forgotten villages - those who want to rent a McLouis motorhome can visit exactly the corners that attract them at that moment, independent of schedules and group pressure. The nature seems much more beautiful when there are no tourist crowds or tour groups flooding the destination. And it's so simple: rent a McLouis camper, travel through Switzerland and other countries, and stay anywhere for as long as you like - that's what a vacation for nature lovers looks like. It's hard to imagine a more relaxing way to travel than in a McLouis camper from Switzerland.

McLouis motorhome for families and couples

Depending on how many people rent the McLouis motorhome, a different model is suitable. The van "Menfys" can be rented by travel-loving travelers in three different versions: "Menfys3" and "Menfys 3 Maxi" are the best choice for beginners who are looking for function and versatility. People traveling in the "Menfys S-Line" are somewhat more comfortable. "Menfys Prestige", finally, is the best choice for demanding people who combine high performance with design. The ideal model for families is "Glamys", while the "MC4" and "Nevis" motorhomes are all-rounders. Being on the road in a modern way, renting a McLouis motorhome and drifting in the here and now represents for many travelers the best way to relax and escape from everyday life. Leaving stress and deadline pressure behind and exploring Switzerland in a McLouis motorhome promises a relaxed attitude to life coupled with a closeness to nature and an awareness of the important values.

McLouis - innovative in the production of motorhomes

McLouis is a young company in the camper industry. Since 1999, the specialist for high-end solutions has been manufacturing motorhomes, semi-motorhomes and overcabs. In addition to innovative technical solutions, the makers attach great importance to design and a harmonious combination of color and material. Current trends are reflected in the equipment of the motorhomes. In addition to a fleet of motorhomes, McLouis is a specialist in the manufacture of vans. Throughout Europe, more than 200 qualified partners work in sales for McLouis. Travelers who rent a McLouis camper trust in quality and reliability. The company proves that it meets the highest quality standards in manufacturing; among other things, the complete absence of wood and the use of materials with a particularly high insulating capacity means maximum waterproofing and soundproofing. This makes a McLouis motorhome reliable and popular companion during the vacations.