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Rent a Laika motorhome in Switzerland

Traveling between popular attractions and unspoiled areas, discovering something new or just letting yourself hang out - it's so easy: rent a Laika camper van, get in and go. Falling in love with freedom seems so easy when friends rent a Laika camper van together or when families rent a comfortable Laika motorhome, and there's no need for complicated bookings or hotel reservations. Traveling with a camper to wherever you are feeling the desire to go, enjoying the beautiful weather or visiting dear acquaintances - who wouldn't want to do that?

La Dolce Vita: Laika camper for Newcomers and Premium Vacationers

Travelers who want to rent a Laika camper can choose between five different models. Camper Vans are considered the entry-level series, they are compact and maneuverable, making them the perfect companions for a city trip. Whoever wants to rent a Laika Camper Van is just as well equipped for trips to European metropolises as for the long, relaxed stages in between. The "Compact" model series inspires with a little more space, yet they are good travel companions even in narrow streets. The concept convinces with comfortable extras. The "Kosmo semi-integrated" is a classic motorhome that combines reliability and elegance. Experienced travelers and design lovers will find their temporary home here.The "Kosmo Alcove" is perfect for families as it offers space for several people and has an integrated sleeping area. Thanks to the adapted length and the extended room height, the "Kosmo Integrated" promises endless possibilities; whoever wants to rent this Laika camper will travel in the most spacious variant. In addition to the "Kosmo", the premium models "Kreos" and the classic "Ecovip" are also available as semi-integrated and integrated models.It depends on the personal taste, with which Laika camper Switzerland and the neighbor countries will be explored.

Between tradition and craftsmanship - Laika Camper

Inspired by space travel and research, company founder Giovambattista Moscardini gave his camper brand the name Laika - after the first dog in space. The emblem of a greyhound reflects the vision of the future that has been the foundation of Laika's success. Laika produced its first caravan in 1964, named "Laika 500", and even then it was influenced by innovation and technology; a unique telescopic mechanism lowered the upper part of the caravan while driving. This improved the dynamics so much that even a Fiat could pull the camper. A long tradition has found its way into the new millennium; since 2018, the company, acquired by the German Erwin Hymer Group, has found its headquarters in San Casciano. One of the most modern production facilities in the industry is located there.

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Getting to know Switzerland with a rented Laika camper and thus spending the most beautiful time of the year in nature seems desirable again to many today. To combine the comfort of the motorhome with the freedom - this corresponds to the current spirit of time and the feeling of freedom. MyCamper offers a wide range of models to choose from, from entry-level motorhomes to sporty vans, there is the right camper van for every need.