Rent a Knaus motorhome

High comfort and diverse models

Rent a Knaus caravan in Switzerland: high-quality caravans and motorhomes for unforgettable travel experiences

Rent a Knaus motorhome in Switzerland

Rent a KNAUS camper and experience exciting travel adventures. Exploring foreign places all over the world is an exciting adventure. If you want to enjoy a high level of comfort while doing so, you can simply take your accommodation with you on your trip. This is possible with a caravan or a motorhome. There are many providers for this. One of them is the German company KNAUS. This company stands out not only for its very comfortable vehicles, but also for its enormous variety of models. Renting a KNAUS caravan or a KNAUS motorhome makes every trip an outstanding experience.

KNAUS - one of the most important suppliers of caravans and motorhomes

The KNAUS company was founded in 1960 in the town of Marktbreit in Bavaria. Already in the following year the first model - the Swallow's Nest - was available. Just one year later, KNAUS introduced the SÜDWIND. This was one of the most successful caravan models of all time. Due to the great growth, the company not only founded new plants.It also took over more and more competitors. Especially the cooperation with Tiag Tabbert Industry AG is very important - another important caravan manufacturer from Germany. Especially the cooperation with Tiag Tabbert Industrie AG is very important - another important caravan manufacturer from Germany. This began in 1996 and resulted in a merger in 2001. In this way, the Knaus Tabbert Group was initially created, which was transferred to Knaus Tabbert AG in 2020. This is one of the most important suppliers of caravans and motorhomes in the world. Not only the well-known brands KNAUS and Tabbert are united under this name. There are also brands such as Weinsberg and Morelo. Renting a KNAUS caravan therefore means trusting in the quality of the market leader.

KNAUS motorhome and KNAUS caravan Switzerland: a variety of models with comfort

One of the main features of the KNAUS brand is an enormous variety of models. Anyone wishing to rent a KNAUS caravan can choose from four model series. There are the flexible DESEO and the practical SPORT&FUN to choose from, each offering four sleeping spots. A little bigger and equipped with six beds is the KNAUS SPORT. The classic is also still available: the SÜDWIND offers eight sleeping spots and is therefore also ideally suited for larger travel groups. Each of these models can be individually configured. This makes it possible to adapt the equipment exactly to the needs. The choice is even greater if you want to rent a KNAUS motorhome. For example, there are nine different van models to choose from - from the small BOXSTAR 540 with three sleeping spots to the roomy BOXLIFE 360 with seven beds. In addition, there are six semi-integrated and three fully integrated motorhomes with different capacities. There are also a wide range of options in terms of equipment, size and motorisation.

Renting a Knaus camper Switzerland: the perfect choice for a pleasant trip

Whoever rents a KNAUS camper in Switzerland will find a suitable vehicle for every tour - both for a trip for singles and for a trip with the entire family. The models of this brand are characterized by thoroughly planned equipment, which ensures a high level of comfort on the trip. To rent a KNAUS motorhome or a KNAUS caravan, it is advisable to search for offers on MyCamper. There are not only many camping vehicles and camping trailers available, but customers also benefit from an uncomplicated service of private vehicle owners including a fully comprehensive insurance.