Rent a Ford camper

Comfort and functionality on your camping vacations

With a Ford Nugget or a motorhome based on the Ford Transit, a comfortable and easy-going vacation is guaranteed.

Rent a Ford camper from private owners in Switzerland

Ford Transit Camper: Camping vehicles based on the popular van.

In addition to Citroën, Fiat, Mercedes and Renault, Ford is the fifth car manufacturer that supplies base vehicles for camping vehicles. Unlike the other manufacturers, Ford vehicles are not (yet) very common as a campervan base. The all-time favorite Transporter Transit manufactured by Ford is used as a base vehicle for motorhomes. In 2019, a completely revised model variant of the Transit was launched, which scores with a very comfortable ride and a variety of electronic safety systems. In addition, the Transit is equipped with an automatic transmission. In order to offer motorhome manufacturers as much variation as possible, the Ford Transit Camper is offered in various body styles as well as in different lengths and heights.

Ford Nugget Camper: Perfect for everyday life and vacations

For over 30 years, the Ford Nugget Camper has been inspiring people all over the world. The flagship of the camping vehicles from Ford has always been a successful combination of compact dimensions and excellent space. This makes the Nugget not only perfectly suitable for everyday use, but also an excellent companion on any vacation trip. As panel vans have become increasingly popular in recent years, Ford extensively revised the Nugget in 2017 and complemented the model range in 2018 with the introduction of the Ford Nugget Plus. With its high roof, the Nugget Plus offers travelers even more space. With two sleeping spaces in the living area and a fixed double bed in the roof, the Nugget Plus has enough sleeping space for a family on board. The functional kitchen in the Ford also offers plenty of storage space and work area compared to the kitchens usually found in vans. And last but not least, the Nugget Plus inspires with an absolute rarity in campervans: in the rear of the camping vehicle is a separate hygiene area with a permanently installed toilet, a fold-down sink and two large closets.

Rent a Ford camper

Renting a Ford van always means spending a comfortable and at the same time functional vacation. Whether in a Ford Nugget camper or in a motorhome based on the Ford Transit, a Ford camper is a perfectly suitable vehicle for any camping vacation. The best place to rent a Ford Camper is at MyCamper. With over 1,300 vehicles, MyCamper offers its customers the largest selection of camping vehicles in Switzerland. At MyCamper you can rent motorhomes and caravans from private individuals in an uncomplicated way and including insurance. MyCamper offers its customers a variety of Ford-based motorhomes as well as the in-house model Nugget for rent. Due to their long history, many Ford motorhomes have been converted by their owners, often in hard manual work, into true camping beauties. A camping vacation in a converted Ford Transit camper is always a unique experience, both for couples and families.