Rent a Fiat camper

The foundation for carefree camping vacations

Renting a Fiat Camper Van is the perfect start to adventurous and flexible vacations with one of the most solid vehicles on the market.

Rent a Fiat camper in Switzerland

In the world of camping vehicles, the Fiat Ducato is like the VW Golf in the world of passenger cars. It is by far the most popular base vehicle for motorhomes. There is no other vehicle that is used nearly as often as the Fiat transporter as the base model for camping vehicles. In the last ten years, more than half a million camping vehicles based on a Fiat Ducato have been registered in Europe.

Fiat Ducato: Large selection of models & most popular base vehicle for motorhomes

The great popularity of the Ducato as a base vehicle for motorhomes from all manufacturers is probably due to the wealth of variations of the Fiat transporter. For many years, the Fiat Ducato has offered a customized solution for every type of camping vehicle. The Ducato is built in six different chassis lengths, with five different wheelbases and four different engines, as well as in various weight classes up to 4.4 tons. Including other customizable options, camping vehicle manufacturers can configure the Fiat Ducato in around 600 different versions. On this foundation, motorhome manufacturers can find a suitable base version of the Fiat Ducato for any desired vehicle layout. Also, in collaboration with all major motorhome manufacturers in Europe, Fiat has been developing the Ducato to ensure perfect compatibility between the chassis and the body or living space. Many factory pre-fittings of the Ducato facilitate its transformation into a camping vehicle. Above all, the Fiat Ducato is designed for maximum reliability and safety of its passengers.

Fiat Ducato: multiple services

Renting a Fiat camper means spending a mostly carefree vacation. With a Fiat camper, no traveler is left to his or her own. The multilingual customer service of Fiat helps campers throughout Europe with questions and problems. In the event of a breakdown, a special breakdown service identifies the problem with the vehicle and determines what assistance is needed. Last but not least, renting a Fiat Camper van is also a carefree pleasure because of the numerous garages. Throughout Europe, there are more than 6,500 Fiat professional service stations available for the maintenance and repair of Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes.

Rent a Fiat Ducato camper

Renting a Fiat camper is the best foundation for a diverse and at the same time relaxing vacation. Renting a Fiat camper always means to count on reliability and safety. You can rent a Fiat camper in Switzerland most easily with MyCamper. With over 1,300 vehicles, MyCamper offers its customers the largest selection of camping vehicles in Switzerland. At MyCamper motorhomes and caravans from private individuals can be rented easily, including insurance. From the compact camper van to a comfortable partially integrated or integrated motorhome to luxurious liners, camping fans will find their personal dream vehicle at MyCamper. Due to the very broad distribution of the Fiat Ducato as a base vehicle, there is a large variety of individualized Ducato camper vans. Many camper owners have transformed their Fiat camping vehicles into fascinating unique pieces with individual kitchens, bathrooms, interiors and often also a unique paint job.