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Flexible & free - camping has become a trend

That's how comfortable camping is today: rent a Eura Mobil motorhome and head out!

Rent a Eura Mobil motorhome in Switzerland

No vacation offers as much flexibility and freedom as camping. Renting an Eura Mobil motorhome and exploring the world on your own is so much more interesting than traveling with crowds of tourists. Instead of travelling with a group, explore Switzerland in a Euro Mobil, travel Europe and see secret places and hidden corners - what could be more inspiring? Time and place are self-determined, no one else makes decisions: Anyone who wants to live their freedom to the fullest during vacation, should be renting an Eura Mobil motorhome! Renting an Eura Mobil means flexibility in terms of planning and design. It's easy: rent an Eura Mobil vehicle in Switzerland and start exploring new countries and regions - at your own pace and in harmony with nature.

Milestones of the Eura Mobil brand

The entrepreneurial roots of Eura Mobil lie in Blessing KG, founded in 1959. At that time, the first caravans were already being manufactured. Ten years later, the Euro Caravan brand was created as part of Mayr KG. In 1983 the company was finally renamed "Euro Mobil GmbH"; the production of mobile homes began. The next years were characterized by modern decisions and further developments in production. Partially integrated vehicles, new brands and product rights, the Karmann-Mobil as well as the opening of the motorhome forum are milestones in the history of Eura Mobil. In 2005, the international motorhome group Trigano took over the company. The motorhomes have the "Made in Germany" seal of quality  - the production site is located in the picturesque small town of Sprendlingen near Mainz.

Motorhomes from Euro Mobil - well-being factor included

Which motorhome suits whom? Families or couples, a group of friends or solo travelers have different wishes and demands when they rent an Eura Mobil motorhome. The models in the "Active One" range are space miracles. The alcove offers additional storage space, the maritime interior makes you want to go to the sea and the coast. Especially families rent this Eura Mobil model. For beginners, the Eura Mobil "Profil T" is well suited; here, solid workmanship meets a comfortable interior and a modern concept. The Eura Mobil "Profila RS" is a cross-over with a continuous double floor and is a popular choice for groups or families of four. The luxury class includes the "Contra" and "Integra Line" models. Travelers who want to rent a premium model from the fleet of Eura Mobil motorhomes choose one of these variants.

Rent a motorhome on MyCamper

Crossing Switzerland or the whole Europe with a Eura Mobil motorhome and seeing something new every day meets the modern attitude to life. MyCamper offers a wide range of motorhomes for everyone; even browsing through the selection of camping vehicles promises relaxation and awakens the anticipation of your camping vacations.