Rent a Dethleffs motorhome

Welcoming atmosphere and high-quality equipment

Renting a Dethleffs camper in Switzerland: enjoy a flexible form of travel

Dethleffs caravans and motorhomes - a feeling of boundless freedom

Freedom on a trip means that you can visit a different place every day, but also stay longer in the most beautiful places. If you can take your home with you on this trip, a high level of comfort is also ensured. Motorhomes and caravans make this possible. If quality is important to you, you should rent a Dethleffs caravan or motorhome. This manufacturer offers models in different sizes and in a wide range of equipment.

Dethleffs - pioneer in the development of camping motorhomes

The company Dethleffs has a very long tradition. It was founded as early as 1832, but at that time it first produced whips and later ski poles. Then in 1931 it designed the first caravan in Germany. This historical model was given the name "caravan". Caravan production was so successful that in 1958 Dethleffs concentrated exclusively on this area and stopped its other production divisions. In 1977, Dethleffs introduced its first motorhome. However, this had little success due to its high purchase price. This situation was supposed to change in 1983. In that year, the competitor Hymer took over the company. However, the Dethleffs brand was continued and, due to the restructuring resulting from the takeover, was able to offer significantly cheaper motorhomes. In this way, the extremely popular Dethleffs Pirate and Globetrotter models were created.

Hire a Dethleffs caravan: a wide range of offers for a successful trip

Renting a Dethleffs caravan brings a huge choice. Travelers who are traveling alone or as a couple can use the light and maneuverable Coco caravan for example. This is equipped with only two sleeping spots. Larger families can choose between the Nomad, Camper® or Beduin Scandinavia models. These are available in different versions - with up to eight beds. In addition, there are a wide range of configuration options. Single, double or bunk beds, auxiliary heating and air conditioning, water tanks with different sizes and many other details can be specified. Whoever wants to rent a Dethleffs caravan will therefore surely discover a model that exactly meets the personal requirements.

Rent a Dethleffs camper and experience outstanding adventures

Another option is to rent a Dethleffs motorhome. Here, the living space and the vehicle are joined together to form a fixed unit. This allows a particularly high mobility and is ideal for travelers who frequently move on. The manufacturer Dethleffs also offers a wide range of models for this purpose. For example, the Globebus - the most compact model from Dethleffs - is ideal for vacations of two or three. If there are additional sleeping spots or more space for the kitchen and living area are required, many larger models are also available - for example, the Alpha, Esprit and Trend motorhomes.

Dethleffs camper rental in Switzerland - obviously with MyCamper

At MyCamper it is very easy to rent a Dethleffs camper. MyCamper offers private camper or caravan owners a platform to rent out their vehicles. This leads to an easy service and low rental prices. In addition, insurance is already included for a safe trip. MyCamper is therefore the ideal partner to rent and rent out a caravan or motorhome.