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Love for one summer: rent a Chausson camper and start into happiness!

Rent a Chausson camper in Switzerland

Who wants to be locked in forever when a Chausson motorhome can be rented easily and uncomplicated in Switzerland? Camping vacations with family or friends are not only relaxing, but also broaden your horizons. Instead of standing in line in the center of crowds, you simply move on, depending on your mood. Decide in the morning and arrive in the evening - anyone who wants to rent a Chausson van or rent a Chausson camper van has decided in favor of freedom and independence. Being on the road and feeling at home is one of the great advantages of camping. Families, active vacationers, wellness lovers and nature lovers all meet here; they all enjoy the feeling of freedom and being unattached. Goodbye all-inclusive vacation - welcome to the individual trip.

From car bodies to mobile homes - over 100 years of Chausson

The Paris-based company Chausson was founded in 1903 and initially produced radiators and car bodies. Later, the production of buses followed, and it was not until 1980 that the company entered the market for mobile travel and produced converted panel vans. In the 1990s, the Trigano company initially invested in the company with a share, and a few years later acquired 100% of the company "Campingcars Chausson". Alcoves, semi-integrated vehicles and combinations of the two variants were the basis of the company's success. With compact models and fully integrated, Chausson continues to expand its portfolio - the perfect Chausson motorhome can be rented for every type of traveler.

One for all - the Chausson camper

The desire for adventure inspires the ambition to rent a Chausson Camper. The vans come in three lines, each in different sizes and with different body options. "First Line", "Road Line VIP" and "Raod Line Premium" are available. All three lines are perfect for couples and close friends looking to rent a Chausson panel van. From queen beds to bunk beds, the interior is designed to meet a variety of needs. Up to five people can travel comfortably in the vans. The Chausson semi-integrated vans are available in the "First Line", "Titanium VIP" and "Titanium Premium" lines. They are also suitable for a maximum of five people and offer different equipment, such as large beds. The desire for extra space is the focus of the fully integrated models. The large models even have a Smart Lounge and a 6000 watt heater. This makes chilly days perfect travel days for a trip with the Chausson motorhome in Switzerland.

Rent a Chausson motorhome

Travel flexibly without sacrificing comfort! Being spontaneous, waking up where the journey takes you - discovering Switzerland with a Chausson motorhome and just do what you feel like, that's what the perfect vacation looks like. On MyCamper, everyone can find the ideal model, whether it's a flexible panel van or a comfortable motorhome with a king size bed. Who wants to compromise when the vacations can also be a dream? By the way, even browsing on MyCamper is the first step towards relaxation, because this is exactly where the dream of individual vacations begins.