Rent a Challenger motorhome

Challenger - The No. 1 from France

Traveling with a Challenger motorhome is the start of extraordinary camping vacations.

Rent a Challenger camper in Switzerland

Although the brand name is English, the brand originates from France. Challenger was launched 35 years ago in the French town of Tournon sur Rhône to challenge the established manufacturers in the motorhome industry. And the experiment was a complete success. Over the past decades, the challenging company has evolved into the new market leader. In the meantime, Challenger is the number 1 brand for motorhomes in France. Challenger has also become one of the most important import brands for motorhomes in other European countries. Until today, the brand philosophy of Challenger has remained the same: To offer a motorhome equipped with all essentials for a carefree trip at an affordable price. As a result, Challenger offers its customers a balance between features and price, as well as safety and comfort, in all of its vehicles.

Challenger Integrated: The premium class

Currently, Challenger has two integrated motorhome models in its lineup: the 2060 and the 3048XLB. The 2060 inspires with one of the most exceptional layouts of any integrated motorhome. In the back of the vehicle there is a large dressing room and in front of it a large bathroom with a separate shower. At night, the dinette converts into a double bed. With the two additional sleeping spots in the lift bed, the 2060 is also suitable for families - given its exterior length of just 6.99 meters. In contrast, the 3048XLB has a classic layout with a queen bed in the back of the vehicle. At 7.46 meters long, it offers vacationers plenty of space.

Challenger semi-integrated: Large program

Challenger customers have a choice of ten different models and three different equipment levels for semi-integrated motorhomes. The models differ in both vehicle lengths and layouts. These meet all requirements from traditional to modern. Once again, the floor plan with the dressing room and space bathroom in the back of the motorhome is exceptional. The highlight for families is the Challenger 396, which comes with a lift bunk bed and a play area for two children. Challenger semi-integrated models are available with engines and chassis from Fiat and Ford.

Challenger alcove: Family first

Challenger's four alcove models are perfect vacation companions for any family. With two sleeping spaces in the back and the two sleeping spaces in the alcove, they are true space miracles for four or more people. The smallest alcove model is a compact 5.99 meters long and is based on a Ford chassis. The three larger models based on the Fiat Ducato have lengths between 6.96 and 7.46 meters.

Rent a Challenger camper

Challenger motorhomes are always exceptional vacation companions. Therefore, unusual vacations are guaranteed with a Challenger motorhome in Switzerland. Challenger motorhomes can be rented in all variants on MyCamper. If you are looking for a compact and agile camping vehicle, you should rent a Challenger panel van. Renting a Challenger van is a perfect compromise between manageable size and still good equipment. On the other hand, if you want to rent a Challenger motorhome in Switzerland with more space, you should rent a semi-integrated, integrated or alcove motorhome. Especially the alcove and integrated models offer space and storage en masse.