Rent a Carado motorhome

"Simplify your life" and go camping

Renting a Carado motorhome means spending uncomplicated vacations at an excellent value for money.

Rent a Carado motorhome in Switzerland

"Simplify your life" is the motto of Carado. The company's principle is that life is already complicated enough to be made even more complicated when going on vacation. That is why motorhomes from Carado are characterized by their simplicity. However, simplicity is not equal to low quality at Carado. Carado motorhomes convince with a high-quality interior with much attention to detail and practical solutions. And that at an excellent value for money. The brand was founded in 2006 as part of the Erwin Hymer Group to complete the price spectrum at the lower end. To manufacture Carado camping vehicles, a new production plant was built in Neustadt near Dresden. Since 2017, Carado has been operating as a full-range supplier on the motorhome market. For the past three years, the brand has included integrated motorhomes as well as panel vans in its product portfolio, in addition to semi-integrated motorhomes and alcove vehicles. All Carado camping vehicles are based on the Fiat Ducato.

Carado I-Series: The integrated flagship.

Since 2017, the I-Series completes Carado's product selection to the top. The I-Series is available in three models: the I338, the I447 and the I449. The three vehicle models differ in terms of their length and bed configuration. The I338, with a length of 6.98 meters, represents the short version of the I-Series. It is equipped with longitudinal beds and a compact Variobad. Unlike the short version, the long version has a large bathroom with a separate shower. In addition, travelers can choose between longitudinal beds (in the I447) and a queen bed (in the I449).

Carado T-Series: The flexible semi-integrated models

When it comes to semi-integrated motorhomes, Carado customers are spoiled for choice. In total, there are nine different semi-integrated models to choose from. For fans of both compact and roomy vehicles, Carado has the right semi-integrated model for them, with lengths between 5.95 and 7.40 meters. Also in terms of seating and sleeping space, the range of semi-integrated vehicles from Carado is large. While the smaller models without a lift bed have four seats and two to three sleeping spaces, the larger models with a lift bed can accommodate up to five passengers and people sleeping. Last but not least, Carado customers in the T-Series have a free choice regarding their favorite bed type. From French beds to single and double beds to queen beds, every imaginable bed variation is possible.

Carado CV series: suitable for vacations and everyday life.

The Camper Van series from Carado is perfect for all people who do not want to change their vehicle between vacations and everyday life. With lengths between 5.41 and 6.36 meters and a width of 2.05 meters, the Carado Camper Vans are practical companions both on vacation in the country and in everyday life in the city. Additionally, the compact proportions do not mean any major restrictions in terms of comfort. All vehicles of the CV series are equipped with two sleeping spots, bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen, seating and enough storage space.

Rent a Carado camper

If you want to get around a lot during your vacations without having to pay a lot at the same time, you should rent a Carado camper. You can rent a Carado camper in Switzerland easily and including an insurance solution at MyCamper. The Carado campers on the platform are mainly from private owners. A Carado Camper Van is the ideal rental vehicle for all travelers for whom mobility is more important than space. Those who need a lot of seating and sleeping space as well as storage space on vacation are better off with a Carado motorhome in Switzerland.