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Discover a new way of traveling - explore Switzerland with a Bürstner caravan. Getting to know new places on a trip promises exciting adventures. However, in order to still feel at home, many people value a familiar environment. With a Bürstner caravan or motorhome, it is possible to simply take your own home with you on your trip. The extensive equipment and high quality of these models make it possible to combine optimum comfort with high mobility. This leads to unforgettable travel experiences.

One of the leading European manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes

The Bürstner company was founded in 1924 as a carpentry in Kehl, Baden. When caravans became more and more popular at the end of the 1950s, the company also received its first orders for them. However, these were initially manufactured on a one-off basis. In the following decade, demand continued to grow and Bürstner developed into one of the leading manufacturers. In 1976, Bürstner acquired a factory on the other side of the Rhine - in Wissembourg, Alsace. As a result, a European company with significant market shares in the caravan segment was developed. One of the main reasons for the success of Bürstner caravans and motorhomes is the ongoing innovations that the company develops. One example of this is the lift bed. This invention allows the lounge area to be converted into a sleeping area in just a few simple steps. This makes it possible to offer a high capacity even in a confined space. Bürstner has been part of the Erwin Hymer Group since 1998, which makes it one of the most important groups in the caravan sector.

Functional models for outstanding comfort

Renting a Bürstner caravan means to benefit from a high level of functionality. These models offer plenty of sleeping spots, a large living area and a comfortable kitchen. Yet they are compact and easy to drive. Even in this case, many different models are available - with a capacity between two and six beds. In terms of equipment, there are comprehensive configuration options - from the installation of heating or air conditioning to the choice of covers for the cushioned furniture.

Rent a Bürstner motorhome and break new ground

Those who want to rent a Bürstner motorhome also benefit from a variety of options. Motorhomes are comparatively small and inexpensive and are ideal for travelers who are traveling as a couple or even alone. In addition, these models provide optimal mobility. Also, Bürstner offers many larger models - alcoves as well as partially and fully integrated motorhomes. Partially integrated models such as the Delfin T or the Lyseo TD offer high capacity at relatively low cost. Those who value a particularly high level of comfort can rent a fully integrated Bürstner motorhome - for example, the luxurious Elegance model.

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