Rent a Benimar motorhome

Get out of the daily routine and into the camper - vacations for individualists.

Travelling far away from big cities and hotspots - discover the beauties of Europe with a Benimar motorhome.

Rent a Benimar motorhome in Switzerland

Those who decide against all-inclusive and tourist centers and instead rent a Benimar motorhome spend their days off in nature and are rewarded with beautiful landscapes and a closeness to the environment that is incomparable. Individualists enjoy traveling independently and following their own path by renting a Benimar caravan and going wherever they feel like going. Every day holds new impressions and invites you to discover new things with a motorhome. Anticipation is the best joy - discovering Switzerland and surrounding countries in a Benimar camper promises pure relaxation and satisfies the longing for summer and vacations.

Good by tradition: Benimar caravans successful for over 50 years

A name that stands for quality and innovation in the world of caravans and motorhomes: The name "Benimar" was formed in 1974 from the syllables "Beni" plus "Mar" - the birth of a company that has been successfully manufacturing mobile homes for over 40 years. The combination of location and the nearby sea symbolizes the company's attachment to its Spanish homeland and its appreciation of nature. In the decades that followed, the company produced a number of different motorhomes. At the end of the 1990s, the current production facility was built in Peñíscola. Under a new flag, "Benicar Orcasa S.A." conquered the market for mobile travel after being acquired by the Trigano Group. Motorhomes of various types with technical refinements and design-oriented solutions up to a special edition on the occasion of the 40th anniversary are created.

Renting a Benimar camper - which model is right for you?

If you want to rent a Benimar camper van, you can choose from the large fleet of the Spanish company. The series "Amphitryon" convinces with extra large driving space, a peripheral view into the cabin and special comfort. Experienced travelers like to choose a model of this category when renting a Benimar camper.

Traveling around Switzerland and Europe in a Benimar camper van

Vacationers with an eye for modern style and design are interested in the Mileo series - in these motorhomes modern ambience and comfort meet. Newcomers and the price-conscious rent a Benimar camper from the Tessoro range with its convincing price-performance ratio thanks to functional extras such as a panoramic skylight and a lift bed. Families choose likely the Sport model - this Benimar camper is also rented by friends and couples who travel together and feel comfortable in the family vehicle with enough space for everyone. For vacations for two or a small family, a van from the Benivan range is perfect. Reliable, functional and solid are the vehicles from this edition. Which Benimar camper to rent when the choice is so extensive? Those who study the advantages of the various Benimar campers will quickly realize the benefits of each model. The optimal Benimar motorhome can be found for every requirement - rent, get in and drive off, this is how families, singles and couples enjoy the most beautiful days of the year in an uncomplicated and spontaneous way.