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With more than 50 years on the market, Adria Mobil is one of the oldest and most traditional manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans. Over the last few decades, the company, which is based in Slovenia, has developed into one of the top five manufacturers of camping vehicles in Europe. In German-speaking countries, Adria is now the most important import brand. In 2005, the company opened a production plant in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. Adria Mobil camping vehicles are characterized above all by a successful combination of elegant design, modern standards and high quality. Adria campervans are undoubtedly among the stylish representatives of this class of vehicles. Hardly any other brand can compete with Adria's camping vehicles in terms of design and elegance. The Slovenian manufacturer attaches great importance to a modern and bright interior. All Adria campers have numerous intelligent and ergonomic technical solutions on board. So it is not surprising that the products of the Slovenian brand are regularly lavished with international awards.

Adria Sonic: The luxurious flagship

The integrated motorhome line "Sonic" represents the flagship from the house of Adria, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of luxury and comfort. With a length of between 7.0 and 8.8 meters, the Sonic motorhomes offer campers plenty of space to feel at home. The Sonic can carry three to four passengers. Sleeping spaces are available for four to five people. Adria offers the Sonic in three different equipment lines - the basic equipment Sonic Axess, the medium equipment line Plus and the luxury variant Sonic Supreme.

Adria Compact, Coral and Matrix: The semi-integrated classics

The three semi-integrated camper series "Compact", "Coral" and "Matrix" are some of the most popular motorhomes from Adria. Compact, Coral and Matrix motorhomes impress with a unique combination of style, technology, comfort and easy handling. While the Compact and Coral series are aimed at couples, the Matrix motorhomes are also suitable for families with children due to their fold-down bed. Those who need a lot of space should go for the large alcove model Coral XL. Adria's semi-integrated motorhomes are also offered in the equipment lines Axess, Plus and Supreme.

Adria panel van: The start into the camping pleasure

With a length of between 5.0 and 6.4 meters and a width of around 2.0 meters, the Adria panel vans represent the first step into the world of camping. Adria's panel vans are characterized by their agility and intelligent solutions for making the best use of limited space. Adria has three panel van models to choose from: The small Active, the medium Twin model and the top Twin Sports model. A special feature of the Active and Twin Sports models is the pop-up roof, which provides two additional fully functional sleeping spaces.

Rent Adria camper in Switzerland

Adria is also one of the most popular camper brands in Switzerland. Renting an Adria camper in Switzerland is the step into unforgettable vacation experience. Those who prefer to rent a compact Adria Camper are well served with an Adria panel van. Those who need a little more space should choose a semi-integrated model. And those who want to rent an Adria camper in Switzerland that offers maximum space and comfort should choose the Adria Sonic.